How Journeys Map Can Help

During times of uncertainty lean on Journeys Map as your exploration and planning tool.

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We believe Journeys Map can help users from anywhere, no matter the distance placed between our learning map and the classroom. 

While schools may be closed, exploration and the excitement around discovering new career pathways should not cease. We continue to be just as thrilled for our users to discover their "what's next" as we have always been. 

So don't let your students feel frozen in this uncertain moment, let them continue to step forward and into grand possibilities by creating a Journeys Map Account from from their homes, backyards, bedrooms or forts. 

So why should Journeys Map be your at home activity?

-It's completely accessible online 24-7
-It's any device ready... desktop or chromebook or Ipad or phone!
-It's self-paced and self-directed
-Users can discover how their interests connect to jobs
-Users can discover their skills
-Users can learn about jobs they never even considered!

Journeys Map is the perfect at home activity for users to explore careers, plan their next steps, and continue to find success in their futures.


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