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Activity Three: Discover Your Interests
Activity Three: Discover Your Interests
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Want to discover how your interests translate to careers that are meant for you?

1. Login to your Journeys Map Account! 

2. Navigate to your Dashboard.

3. Select Start Survey on the interest survey widget.

4. Complete the Interest Survey by clicking on the emoji that best describes how you feel about the sentence.

5. Check out your results.

Your results are displayed at the top of the screen. We showcase your top three interest traits and offer information about the meaning of each one. To view your complete RIASEC score click View All

Tip: Share your results with a friend, teacher, parent or even the world! Just click the share icon! To print your results download them using the download icon. Both are found in the upper right hand corner.

6. Select a Cluster that matches your interests.

7. Select a pathway that interests you.

8. Once you reach the career level scroll through all the jobs that match your interests. We bet you'll discover a few careers you didn't even know were out there. Once you've found a career you want to Learn More about click Learn More on the career card.

9. When you click  Learn More you'll see all the data surrounding that career. And there is a lot of it! We have complied the most useful and relevant information to help you decide if this career is for you. If you like it and want to keep track of the career, press the Follow Icon on the right side of your screen. The career will then be added to your dashboard.

Tip: Here is what the Follow Icon looks like: 

About Our Interest Survey: The Journeys Map survey leverages the Holland Interest Inventory and delivers students with their RIASEC score in just ten minute! The results can be used to search for and identify careers and even work environments that match with an individual's interests.

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