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Activity Four: Discover Your Skills
Activity Four: Discover Your Skills

Have ten minutes? Take our skills quiz to discover how your talents translate to real jobs.

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  1. Login to your Journeys Map Account.

2. Navigate to your Dashboard.

3. Select Take Assessment from the Skills Assessment widget.

4. Complete the Skills Quiz by clicking on the emoji that best describes your comfortability or knowledge level.

5. Checkout your results

Your Best Fit score will display at the top of the page. Your Best Fit score shows you your top three skills. Are you surprised? Sometimes they aren't what you think!  Use the grey arrows at the top of the widget to cycle through your other rankings. Journeys also calculates your Great Fit and Good Fit scores as well. Or if you want to see your results all at once, click View All.

Tip: Share your results with a friend, teacher, parent or even the world! Just click the share icon! To print your results download them using the download icon. Both are found in the upper right hand corner.

6. Select a Cluster or group that interests you.

7. Select a Pathway that matches your interests.

8. Pick a Career that you want to explore further. To do so click Learn More.

9. Our Learn More dashboards allow you to see the details surrounding the career you have picked. Note the salary, the degree requirements, the projected growth. Sometimes these details are surprising, but so helpful when selecting a career.

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