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Activity Five: Research Your Top Three Careers!
Activity Five: Research Your Top Three Careers!
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Now that you have completed the Interest and Skills Surveys, let’s take some time to find your new favorite occupations based off of your recommended career results. 

We highly recommend researching three careers and then comparing them. In this activity we'll show you the best ways to discover the most important data surrounding the careers you're researching. 

  1. Login to your Journeys Map Account.

2. When you Login to your Journeys Map Account you should be automatically taken to your Dashboard.

Tip: If you're taken to a purple screen with three options, select the Explore Careers button. Then click Dashboard at the top of your screen from the green bar.

3. Scroll down to the My Careers Widget.

4. Select the Filter in the top right corner of the widget.

5. You can now Filter careers based off of your Interest or Skills Survey results and much more. Select the boxes by Interest and Skills to see what careers are a match for you!

6.  Once you have selected the boxes by Interest Survey Results and Skills Assessment Results and any others you would like to filter by, select the blue Filter button at the bottom.

7. The careers displayed in your My Careers Widget are now matched specifically to you!  Using your filtered results based off of your interests and skills, pick your first career to research. Scroll through your results using the grey arrows within the widget.

8. When you have found a career that looks promising, select the At a Glance icon.

9. The At a Glance icon virtually "turns the career card over" and gives you quick high level facts about your selection without redirecting you to another page. When you're done, select the blue X in the corner to turn the card over again.

10. When you have found your first career to research, select Learn More.

11. Our Learn More dashboards contain A LOT of information about your selected career.  While we think it's all important, use a graphic organizer, an excel spreadsheet, a google doc, or even just a piece of paper to answer the following questions. 

1. What is the average salary for this Job? Is it more or less than you thought it would be?

2. How much more or less does this job earn in ___________ compared to my own hometown?
(Pick a city or state you'd like to live in one day)
Tip:  Use the Change Location option in the Wages widget to answer this question.

3. Is this job expected to grow? If so, by what percent?

4. Does your personality match the type of personality that generally fits this career? Identify a trait you do NOT have. 

5. What kind of degree or certification do you need to work in this field? Where would you go to earn this degree or certification?

6. Use the Find Opportunities Widget to find an active job post from a company that interests you. What about the company do you like? Where are they based? What is the salary they offer? Does it match the national average? 

7. What are the standard tasks of this job? Do you find these interesting? Enjoyable? Boring? Write down three emotions that describe how this job makes you feel.

8. What kind of technology does someone in this field use? Are you familiar with it? 

9.  How do you feel about the job overall? Use the Journeys Map scale below to rate how you feel about your career selection:

10.  Now, answer these same questions for the other careers you're researching. 

Now that you have found three options that interest you, write a paragraph explaining which career is your top choice and why. 

Add your top career choice to your dashboard.

1. Navigate to your Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to the Top Career Widget.

3. When you hover over the widget, a Pencil Icon will appear.

4. Select the Pencil Icon to change your top career. 

5. Enter your new top career in the box that says Job Title.

6. Then Select Save!

Your new top career has been added! You can now access all the vital information about your top selection straight from your dashboard. If you find a new top career, feel free to change your selection at any time!

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