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Activity Six: Discovering Post-Secondary Opportunities
Activity Six: Discovering Post-Secondary Opportunities
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Congrats on finding your top three career choices!

Now, let's discover what kind of post secondary options are out there for those careers. Post- Secondary options refer to colleges, certifications, military or anything you may consider earning or doing after graduating from high school.

If you've always thought you would attend a four year university after graduating, try expanding your options and look into a certification so you know the pros and cons of both paths! The options that exist are endless and we want you to be able to see that you have so many to chose from. 

For this activity we are going to use the career: Accountant for our example. But, please use your top career choices. 

To complete this assignment please use the Journeys Map Learn More pages. 

TIP: If you know how to navigate there please skip past steps one and two.

1. Login to Journeys Map.

2. Scroll down to your My Careers widget and select Learn More on the career card you want to use. 

3. Once you've reached the learn more page! Scroll down to the Institution Widget. Click through some of the suggested institutions that are in your area using the grey arrows. 

4. Want to see more institutions or change the location of the results? Select the View All link.

5. Once you've reached our Institution Search feel free to change any of the search values on the left side of the screen.

6. In the image below you can see that we changed the program type to a Public Two Year Associates located in California. What are you looking for? Now is a good time to try out various searches. Once you have found an institution you're interested in, select Learn More on an Institution Card.

7. Scroll down to discover the most up to date information about the school you're looking in to.

Now that you've checked out the post secondary options for your top three careers, answer the questions below in a one page report.

1. What types of degree programs may be of interest to you?

2. How does it relate to your job/career choices?

3. Where are the schools located and why would you enjoy living there?

4. Does the tuition and living expenses work for your budget?

5. How will you pay for college?

6. What will your after school earnings be? Will you be in debt from taking out loans?

7. Why is this the school you want to attend?

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