Get ready for perfect not recognition! All you need is to connect a cable and adapter to your keyboard and phone/tablet.


Before getting started, make sure to get a MIDI to USB Converter Cable and either a USB to USB C Adapter or a USB to Micro USB Adapter, depending on your mobile device. Here's where you can find them (these are just examples - other brands work also):

  1. MIDI to USB Converter Cable

  2. USB C Adapter or Micro USB Adapter *


  1. Connect your keyboard to the MIDI to USB Converter Cable (Please make sure you connect the MIDI OUT cable to the MIDI IN port on the keyboard and the MIDI IN Cable to the MIDI OUT port).

  2. Connect the MIDI to USB Converter Cable (TYPE A MALE USB side) to the USB C / Micro USB Adapter.  

  3. Last, connect the USB C / Micro USB Adapter to your Android Device. Make sure to do this before starting a level or a song.

That's it! Simply Piano will immediately recognize a MIDI connection and you will see a notification indication that a MIDI connection has been established.


Note: Some Android devices, such as One Plus 5, require that you manually enable USB OTG support before the cable can be recognized. If you've followed the steps and nothing happened, make sure to enable USB / OTG Storage in your device settings.

*Make sure to buy an adapter that is OTG compatible.

Have more questions? You can talk to us through the app. Tap on Menu > Settings > Contact Support :)

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