We are going to show how the sin, cos, and tan button works.

In the IO tab, add three number inputs and value outputs.

Configure them accordingly; in this example, the input property names are sin_i, cos_i, and tan_i and sin_o, cos_o, and tan_o for output.

Click on the Script Helper

and place your cursor in the script editor between {} on line 4. Select the value sin_o button, followed by the sin button.

In the Script Helper box, highlight ‘value‘ in brackets and replace it by clicking the number sin_i button.

Click Done.

Your Script Helper box should look like this before clicking done:

Make a new line on line 5 and repeat the steps above for cos and tan buttons accordingly. Your script editor should have the following code.

'use strict'; return { sin_o: Math.sin(inputs.sin_i), cos_o: Math.cos(inputs.cos_i), tan_o: Math.tan(inputs.tan_i), };

Your IO tab should look like this:

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