In this example, start by ticking the Moment.js option on your calculator settings. Add a value output in the IO tab.

By using the Script Helper, select the Text button to display "Today date is ". Continue with typing "+" on your keyboard and click on the todayDate button.

Your output will display this:

The default date format is less suitable to be in a casual sentence, so change the date format using the formatDate button.

The formatDate button requires a date input; add one in the IO tab and clear your previous codes.

Like the previous step, type ""Today date is " +". Select the formatDate button and replace date with an input date, and replace format with 'LL'.

Once you click Done, your codes should look like this:

'use strict'; return { text_output: "Today date is " +moment(inputs.a).format('LL'), };

Your output should display this:

You can choose to change the date to any other format using the formatDate button as documented in Moment.js.

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