Jubi continually captures a robust set of data important to users, managers, sponsors, and talent leaders. At a high level Jubi captures four types of user data in alignment with the Jubi “LEARN-DO-INSPIRE” architecture:

  • LEARN: Program content activity including levels, quests, and challenges completed along with question-answer and polling statistics.
  • DO: Program application activity including the number and quality of To-Do items completed.
  • INSPIRE: Discretionary user activity including engagement with INSPIRE triggers, discussion forums, optional content exploration and content contribution
  • OUTCOMES: Jubi enables program developers to link To-Do items to underlying Key Performance Indicators in order to create line of sight between progress through any Jubi program and progress on more lagging business success measures.

Jubi delivers data through real-time dashboards and through flexible export functionality. In addition, Jubi is working a set of user defined alerts and notifications to drive high value engagement based on user behavior.

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