Depending on your specific order, there may not be a price difference between choosing to print on one or both sides, or printing black ink only instead of full colour. We offer such low prices for Offset output printing because all of our runs are batched on a full colour run. This means regardless of how many colours you need, or if you will be printing one or both sides, offset prices will always be the same.

Digital output orders can have price differences depending on the product and print process. For example, Wrapping Paper is offered with discounted prices for printing black ink only.

Specialty process like Silk Screen or Letterpress will increase in cost with each added colour..

Regular CMYK printing on most Digital output products will not reflect a price difference based on the number of colours in your design.

To see if there is a price difference for the product you are interested in, use our drop down menus to compare prices with different options selected. You can also contact our Customer Service team with any further questions

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