Digital output refers to a method of printing. It can refer to a wide variety of printing methods – here at Jukebox it refers to our Laser print machines.

Digital output is characterised by not requiring a printing plate as per more traditional print methods. This greatly reduces setup costs and time. These machines print ink or toner directly onto a card or material.

Digital output is most suitable for short-run print jobs (quantities 50-1000) and/or jobs requiring a swift turnaround. Larger quantities are more cost effective when printed using Offset output. The quality of Digital output printing is not as superior as Offset printing.

The quality and efficiency of Digital output printing is reaching a point that it will soon offer faster and cheaper output than offset.

Other types of output include Offset, Letterpress and Silk Screen. Digital and Offset output are the two most common and cost effective outputs for printing.

Our Digital output uses plant-based biomass inks; and we offer a wide range of recycled stock options for this print method.

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