This is called a printed proof. We can provide this for our Digital output products at additional cost, but with some limitations. Certain specialty finishes like foiling, embossing, die-cutting, letterpress, silk screening and coloured edging cannot be produced as a printed proof due to the set up costs involved. Embossing, foiling and custom shapes involve the creation of a custom metal die. This cost would need to be covered by the customer and doing so for a single print only would not be economical.

We do not offer printed proofs as an Offset output, as we batch our Offset press runs and the minimum press size is 250 quantity. A Digital printed proof can be requested for an Offset print; however, this will be a rough estimation of the finished product and does not give an accurate representation (due to colour, print quality, card stock, etc.) of the finished product.

We do offer Online PDF Proofs at no cost for you to check online at your convenience – this is selected when placing your order by choosing "Online PDF Proof" for the proofing type.

Our knowledgeable prepress team will let you know at this time if they have any concerns or suggestions.

We also have Sample Packs available that show a range of our products and print quality, featuring our own examples of designs.

Please note printed proofs are not recommended for colour accuracy, as there can be slight colour shifts between different press runs. We recommend printed proofs for layout and text legibility purposes only. See: What is a printed proof?

To order a printed proof, please request a Print Quote.

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