When paying with PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal site. You will need to click the “Finish” button after payment to be re-directed back to our site - this also automatically creates your order in our system. If the Finish button does not appear after payment has been submitted through PayPal, or if you wait too long and this button disappears, you may need to contact us to generate your order manually.

First please check if your order shows up under your “Current Orders” tab in your account on our website. If no order is visible here, please forward your PayPal receipt to contact@jukeboxprint.com and let us know that you cannot find your order in our system.

If your order is time sensitive please call our Customer Service Line to advise that you have emailed us your PayPal receipt.

We will verify your payment and create the order for you. You will be sent your order confirmation and file upload link via email once this has been created.

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