We are more than happy to help you retrieve files from a previous order! Below are a few details you should know.

How do I start?

To streamline the process, please ensure you have the proper order number so we know which file to search for. You can find the order number from your Customer Account Center: Completed Orders or on the original invoice. Once you have this, you may contact our Customer Service team by email at contact@jukeboxprint.com or by phone at 1.888.667.0067, and we can get started on searching for the file.

Account Verification

Please note that we have an account verification process for file retrieval requests to guarantee that we are sending the file to the account holder who is authorized to use the file. Only the account holder who placed the original order can request files, and they can only be released to the same email address registered on the Jukebox account.

What if the account holder no longer works at the company?

If you are taking over an existing account, please sign into the Jukebox account first and update the account details with the necessary information. If you cannot access this, we can help you update the account details. However, you will need to verify some information that pertain to the original account holder, as well as provide an updated email address with the same email domain.

Which files can you send to me?

We can only send PDF proofs that are stored on our database, but cannot guarantee that this will be available from all previous orders. If the proof of your previous order is retrievable, we can email this to you following the account verification process.

Does this process cost anything?

This process is completely free! However, please note that we can only send PDF proofs and and not the original files supplied by the account holder. If you need the original files, please contact the graphic designer who created the design files for your company.

I need a few details updated (i.e. phone number, title). Can you help with this?

If you already have placed a print order with us, we can edit your files given that they are editable. We are happy to check this for you, so please contact our Customer Service team and provide your current order number, previous order number and the details that need to be changed. From here, we will let you know whether or not we can make the adjustments.

See: Privacy and Confidentiality

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