Uploading your files from the Online Creators is a fairly quick and simple process. Below you will find a step-by-step walkthrough to help you. Some steps you may have already completed as this guide will start directly from the home page.

1. Log in to your account ( Upper right hand side of the home page)
Once you are logged in to your account you will find tabs along the left. Click the “Saved Designs” tab.

2. This will take you to a list of the saved designs you have associated with your account. Find the saved design that you would like to have printed and click on it.
Below your design you will see two options, a blue box that says “save design for later editing” and an orange box that says “preview and order this design”; click on the orange box.

3. You will now see another green box that says “Download PDF file”. This will bring up a download option; save the file somewhere convenient such as your desktop as you will need this file right away.

4. Now that you have the file saved on your computer you are ready to upload your design to your order. You may need to click “My Account” at the top right of the page to return to your Account Centre home page. Select the tab on the left that says “Current Orders”.
Within your Current Orders tab will be a list of all your current orders. Locate the order you would like to upload your recently saved design to. You will then see a box that says upload / re-upload new files - click on this to proceed.

5. You will be brought to a new page. Click the blue “Attach Files” box. A window will appear allowing you to locate the file you saved to your computer in Step 3. Select the file and click open.

6. Allow the bar to come to a full complete position as your file uploads, then make sure you click the “Finish” button. You will have now uploaded your saved design to your order.

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