If you are having trouble uploading your file to your order via our website, or the file size is too large, you can send the file using a file sharing service. Our preferred service is Dropbox, which offers free accounts up to 2GB.

Upload to Dropbox

  1. Before you begin, you will need to sign into your Dropbox account, or create a new account
  2. Upload the file to your Dropbox account (Instructions).
  3. Select "Share link to document" and copy the link provided.
    You will email us this link in the next steps.

If you are using another file sharing service; you will need to follow their steps and process for uploading. The file must be downloadable without an account or password.

Send in the file

  1. Compose and email to: files@jukeboxprint.com
  2. Enter your order number in the subject line
  3. Paste the Dropbox link (from above steps) into the body of the email and send it

Files sent via this process may experience a delay in proofing as it is processed manually. If you do not receive confirmation that the email and file was received within 8 business hours, please contact our Customer Service line.

Files attached directly to the email will not be processed.

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