If you have received a File Error message, this means there is one or more issues with your files that deem them unprintable, or unable to be produced with satisfactory results. We want our print products to meet our high quality standards - this starts with making sure files are suitable for our production needs.

The most common causes of File Errors are:

  • The artwork files have not been set up correctly for printing
  • The product you have ordered is not suitable for the design

Our Prepress team will try to correct any small issues with your artwork setup whenever possible, but sometimes this is not possible (or it will take a long time to fix) so you will receive a “File Error” message.

You will be supplied a detailed explanation of the error and ways to correct it. This message can be accessed via your Account Centre, or the link in the File Error notification email.

Your designer will need to fix this issue and send revised files. The revised file/s will then need to be re-uploaded into your print order. If you are unable to correct the issues on your end, our Design team may be able to fix them for a fee. Please contact our Customer Service Line at 1 888 667 0067

Please keep in mind that the turnaround time commences after the time we receive approval of your Online PDF proof. Any delays at this point will push back the estimated completion date.

See: File Errors and Warnings

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