This File Error is given by our Prepress team if your submitted artwork does not have any bleed or not enough bleed to allow for shifting.

If your original Illustrator file has bleed, but your PDF file does not, please visit the following Support Article: Bleed has been lost in the conversion (Illustrator)

Bleed is the area of artwork that is extended beyond the actual dimensions of the document. It is used to avoid strips of white paper showing on the edges of your print should the batch be misaligned when cut to size.

Any objects in your artwork that touch the edges of the document require bleed, for instance, a background colour or image should spread to cover the entire bleed area as should any objects that creep in from the side of the page.

Jukebox Print requires bleed of 0.125 inches. This 0.125 inches accounts for each of the four sides of the page, therefore you need to add 0.25 inches to the width and height of the document.


See also: How to apply bleed

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