If you have received this error message, it likely means that the files you have uploaded are not press-ready files. The files you upload should reflect the correct size and exact layout/design that you would like printed. We are not able to accept an uploaded logo, list of text that needs to be added, or partially completed file that you need modified.

If you do need help modifying your files or setting your information/images up on the correct layout, you can request a design service by calling our Customer Service Line at +1 888 667 0067.

Please note there might be an additional cost for work completed by our design team. Your requirements will be reviewed by a graphic designer, and we will supply you with a quote for your project.

You may be able to create your own press-ready artwork by using our free online creators, which can be found under the Resources heading on our website. We have online creators available for most of our products.

See: Using Online Creators

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