If you have received this error message, it means that the file you have uploaded contains a dieline / cut line that cannot be removed by our Prepress team.

A dieline is used as a guide to assist in proper file preparation for printed products that require die cutting. A dieline is never printed, so make sure to place it on a separate layer and to not export it with your artwork (unless you are providing a mockup file). Its main purpose is to indicate how your product will be cut and knowing this will allow you to decide how to design your finished piece.

If your order includes die-cutting, we recommend to submit two files:

1. A file with the dieline on top of your artwork to show where the product will be cut
2. A file without the dieline that includes only the artwork to be printed.

If you do not remove the dieline, it will be printed on top of your design and due to slight shifts that occur during the printing and die-cutting processes, parts of this will be visible on the finished product.

See: File Setup for a Shaped Product

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