The turnaround time for your order is a more complex question than it seems. The total turnaround time for an order is a combination of several steps:

  1. Order placed
  2. File uploaded
  3. Proofing
  4. Proof approval
  5. Prepress, print and production
  6. Packaging and dispatch
  7. Shipping

You will receive email notifications as your order progresses through each step. If you require design services, this will take additional time before your files are uploaded. Please see the Design Service section for more details.

Items in bold (Order placed, File upload, Proof Approval) are customer dependant. This means the amount of time in these steps is the customer's responsibility; for example, once the proof is sent, if the proof is not approved by the customer for 4 days, this will add 4 days to the total turnaround time. Proofing cannot start until after files are uploaded, and production cannot begin until after a proof has been approved.

File Upload

We cannot start the process until you have provided files for us to print. See: Uploading files.


This process will usually take 1 - 2 business days from the time files are uploaded. See: Proofing.

Prepress, Print and Production

The estimated print turnaround time for printing (including prepress and production) will be selected at checkout when placing your order. This time includes any bindery services required. Production times vary depending on product.

Packaging and dispatched

Orders are packaged and dispatched the same day they are received by the packaging department. If you notice your order has been in packaging for more than one business day, please contact Customer Service for further details.


Shipping times depend on the shipping method selected at checkout. Please view our shipping section for more information.

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