The print process can be complex, so below is an outline of the steps your order will go through. You will receive email notifications throughout this process updating you on the status of your order.

To see the steps of placing an order, see: Placing an order. To find out what status your order is at, see: Checking your order status.

Step 1: File Upload

Order statuses in this step: Waiting for Customer Files.

Before we can print anything, we need to know what to print. We are waiting for your artwork files. See: How do I supply files?

At this stage your order has been paid for but it will not proceed until we receive files to print for your order.

Step 2: Proofing and Approval

Order Statuses in this step: File Error, Awaiting Customer's Approval, Proof Accepted.

This is the step where we check everything looks good to print, and confirm it with you. It is important to monitor your order through this step – this process is a large cause of delays with your order.

The files that you uploaded will be checked by our Prepress team to ensure they are suitable for print and the product you have ordered. If there are any issues, you will receive a "File Error" message; or notes and suggestions with your proof.

When your online PDF proof is ready, you will be receive an email notification. This is a crucial step in the process, make sure you check your proof carefully and approve it in a timely manner. See: Approving a proof.

Once you have completed the approval process, your order status will change to "Proof Accepted". Your order is now in the queue for printing.

If you have selected "Run As Is" you will not receive a proof.

Step 3: Production: Printing

Order statuses in this step: Prepress, Printing.

Your order is printing (or in the queue to be printed very soon).

Step 4: Production: Bindery and Finishing

Order statuses in this step: Trimming, Bindery, Folding, Foiling.

If your order has any specialty finishes or requirements, you will receive notifications as it passes through these processes.

Step 5: Packaging and Shipping

Order statuses in this step: Packaging, Ready for Pickup, Shipping.

When your order is finished the production steps, it will be sorted and packaged – not long now and your order will be ready!

You will also receive an email notification that it is "Ready for Pickup" or "Shipping" (including a shipment tracking number if you selected a trackable service).

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