Adjustment, modification or correction of files is not included in the price of printing. This includes any small addition or edits to text.

Any adjustments or requested changes for print orders may incur an additional charge for the additional time required by our prepress team or designers. We will always confirm and get approval from you before additional charges are incurred.

We also have a team of highly capable and experienced designers – request a quote for design services and our designers will help you out. Here some basic steps.

For current orders:

Log in to your account through our website. Once you have logged in you will find on the left the "Design Services" tab. Click this and submit your request, selecting the existing order and indicating any changes that are required.

For all other inquires please direct your request through our website under the "Contact Us" heading. You will find a sublink for "Design Services" which will direct you to a request form to submit for review. A member of our Design Team will contact you back for more details and will be able to supply a quote for your design project.

See: How do Design Services work?

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