The account holder is responsible for checking all details are correct before approving the Online PDF proof. Below is a compiled list of items that should get checked:

1. Carefully check the PDF file/s

It is a good idea to print out your Online PDF proof so you can preview text size and legibility (at 100% with no-scaling) – it also makes it easier to spot spelling mistakes!

Pro Tip: Check the proof at both a high and low screen brightness. The different brightnesses will allow you to better see any issues in the file.

Spelling and details

This is the last chance to spell check and confirm all the details are correct, and not missing any characters or digits. Check again, and then have someone else double-check for you just to make sure!

All objects are showing

Check that no objects are missing (or that there isn't anything extra in your proof) and that there are no issues with transparencies in your Online PDF proof. Check that all fonts are correct, no missing or incorrect characters.

Crop marks

Check that the crop marks are placed in the correct location and that no important information will be trimmed. Design is aligned correctly as you want it within the crop marks.
See: Crop marks


Is it going to printed and backed-up the way you want?
See: Orientation

2. Read Notices

Carefully read and ensure you understand all messages included with your proof.
When you see the blue bar with the speech bubble and the text “Please review the message issues by our Prepress Team" on your Proof Approval page, please click the arrow on the right to view the notes.


You will have to check the box in front of “I have reviewed the message above and wish to continue to approve this proof." before you can click the green Approve Proof button.

If you wish to make changes to your artwork, please click the red Decline Proof button and upload new artwork.

3. Order Details

Make one final check on the Order Details tab that all your order details are correct – including the size, coating, stock, quantity. Any additional items or upgrades (such as rush printing) must be paid for before clicking "Approve Proof".

If you want it to match a previous order, check the order details match.

If your order has a different coating front and back (such as Super Gloss front and Aqueous on the back) check that odd pages (1, 3, 5...) correspond with the "Front Side Coating" and that even pages (2, 4, 6...) match with the "Back Side Coating".

4. Proceed

If there are any issues with your Online PDF proof see: There is a problem with my proof.

Once you have confirmed your Online PDF proof and order details are correct, you can click "Approve Proof". Do not approve your proof if you have any issues or concerns.

Store and back-up the Online PDF proof for your records.

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