Selecting a paper coating is an important step in ensuring your final product meets what you are envisioning. Your printed design can look different and offer a different impression depending on what finish you choose.

Choosing a coated stock is recommended if you are looking for the most consistent ink results, and if you have large areas of solid ink coverage in your design.

We have many different coatings available that we can recommend based on the final look you wish to achieve. Click the coating name to learn more about a specific option.

  • Semi Gloss coating, sometimes referred to as “aqueous”, has a subtle effect and adds a slight sheen. Spot UV can be added to help accent key aspects of your design.
  • Super Gloss coating is highly reflective, and recommended for bright designs to help make colours appear vibrant.
  • Matte coating is recommended for designs with darker colours and has no added shine.
  • Smooth Matte Laminate is similar to Matte coating with a more premium feel, and looks very effective over dark print colours. Spot UV can be added to help accent key aspects of your design.
  • Silk Matte Laminate is a more luxurious coating with a unique silky feel, and almost a rubbery texture. This is a more durable coating option.
  • Super Gloss Laminate has high reflective shine and offers some water resistance.

Please note that Uncoated stock is not available with any coating, and works best if your design is simple with minimal ink coverage.

If you are unsure about which stock or coating to choose, we recommend requesting our Recycled and Standard sample packs, which are free for many delivery locations. See: Requesting a Sample Pack

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