This File Error is given by our Prepress team if your artwork has a border on both sides (front and back).

A double border is not available on this paper stock. This is due to slight shifts that occur during the printing and trimming process (which are unavoidable, especially for thick stocks). A border or line running parallel to the edge makes the slightest shift very obvious.

We have high standards for the quality of our finished products. Since we know this issue to commonly cause quality control issues, we will ask you to remove the border fromat least one side of your artwork if you have received this File Error message.

We cannot guarantee even borders on both sides and a reprint will not be able to be given if you request us to print a digital output order with a border on both sides.

If a border is needed on one side, we recommend it is at least 0.25" away from the trim edge (that's 0.375" away from the bleed edge).

If you want to keep borders on both sides of the product, we recommend upgrading your order to Premium Offset Output. Please contact our Customer Service Line (+1 888 667 0067) to arrange this and note that not all paper stocks are available for Offset printing and the minimum quantity for most paper stocks is 500.

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