When you received this File Error from our Prepress team, the submitted pdf file doesn't have bleed. When we open the file in Illustrator, we can see that there is bleed. Unfortunately, we can't save the file, because the fonts are missing

Please note this error message only applies to files that have been created using Adobe Illustrator. If you have received the above message, this indicates that your file itself is not incorrect, it has just been saved as a PDF without the proper settings. Use the following steps to correct this issue:

1. Convert the fonts to outlines

To convert text to outlines in Adobe Illustrator, go Select -> Select All. Select Type -> Create Outlines from the menu.

2. Define the bleed in the document settings

Adobe Illustrator: File -> Document Setup. Follow the settings in the image below:

3. When saving the pdf file, make sure to check the box "use document bleed settings".

Follow the settings in the image below:

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