If you are working with a designer

It is best to have your designer correct this issue. Your designer should understand what bleed is and correct the file for you (we need at least 0.125 inches on all sides). All the specifications for file setup are also available on our website for them to view – as well as templates available to help set up files correctly.

If the designer is still having issues, please direct them to this article (read to read below).

If you are a designer

We require 0.125 inches on all sides, and for this to be exported in the supplied PDF file. If your file has correct bleed, but it is not included in the PDF file, see: How to export bleed.

We also have a range of templates available for download to help set up the design for print. If you are still having problems please read further below.

If you are creating your design but are not a designer

It is important to understand what bleed is first and how much you need. See: What is bleed? and How to calculate bleed

If you are using a professional design program (such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop – even Quark), templates are available on our website that show the bleed area. Our Online Creator has a bleed area indicator – you can preview this area by clicking on "Show Cut Area". The red bars show the bleed area.

The bleed area should be a seamless extension of the artwork in your card. Any object that falls on the trim line, will need to extend into and cover the bleed area. Objects in the safety margin may also need to be extended into the bleed area.

If you cannot extend the bleed for any reason, then you will need to bring the design away from the trim edge at least 0.125 inches.


If your file has correct bleed, but it is not included in the PDF file, see: How to export bleed

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