Our Online Creators are very basic programs. The color mode used in the creators is RGB. This is a light/screen display mode and does not accurately represent the color that will be produced from ink printing. These colors are beyond the range of CMYK to reproduce and will come out darker and more dull in print than what is seen on the monitor or display.

Before production, our Pre-Press team will convert all files created in our Online Creator programs from RGB to CMYK color mode. If you have selected an Online PDF Proof for your order, you will receive the proof converted to CMYK for review before production. You may see differences in the colors from that in your saved design - the Online PDF Proof will be the more accurate indication of how your colours will appear when printed. Please note that printed color results will always vary from that seen on a screen - colors can appear similar or more drastically different depending on the paper stock you have chosen to print on.

If you are concerned with color changes from this conversion, you may want to use more advanced design software to create your artwork in CMYK color mode.

For more information about RGB vs. CMYK, see: CMYK Colour Mode

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