If you have received this error message, it means that the file you have uploaded is not set up correctly to produce a rubber stamp.

To produce rubber stamps we require a black and white vector file. Pixel-based images cannot be used in rubber stamp files. The black used in your design must be 100% CMYK Black (0,0,0,100).

The design file should be right-reading (not flipped or inverted), ie. your file should be showing what the final ink imprint will look like when stamped onto paper.

All fonts used in your stamp design need to be converted to outlines.

Please also note that for the best stamp reproduction, we recommend the line thickness for all parts of your design to be at least 1pt - that includes the "white" lines or the negative spaces in between.

Rubber stamps do not require bleed or a safety margin – your design can extend to the very edge of the stamp.

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