If the status of your order is "File Uploaded" your Online PDF proof will likely be ready within 8-10 business hours. Please note that during busy times your files may not be reviewed for proofing for approximately 1-2 business days, as proofing is a free service and is provided in a queue system. If you have not received your proof by this time, please contact our Customer Service team to check on the status of your order. Sometimes our prepress team may be overloaded and proofs may be delayed.

If your order status is "Awaiting Your Approval" this means that your Online PDF proof has been prepared and we are awaiting your approval. Please see the article "I am not receiving order status updates".

If your order status is “File Attached, Not Uploaded” you most likely forgot to click the green ‘Finish’ button. Those orders will not show up in the Jukebox proofing queue. Please click 'Finish' to upload your files to your order.

If your order status is “Waiting for Files” we haven’t received your files yet.
Please attach your files for printing to your print order and upload them by clicking the green ‘Finish’ button.

Please remember, you will only receive a proof if your order was placed with Proofing Type "Online PDF Proof".

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