Find out what you need to know and what examiners look for.

The complete exam preparation package: 

  1. Online Classes 
  2. Revision Material 
  3. Video Solutions 
  4. Tailored Notes 

Who is it for?

Higher Level & Ordinary Leaving Cert Students in Maths, Irish & English

What is involved?

  • Online classes delivered by experienced teachers with State Exam experience
  • The course is broken into 12 key exam blocks; one topic covered each week
  • Separate courses run for Higher Level and Ordinary Level 
  • Combination of an online class, revision material, video solutions & notes weekly
  • Specific focus on exam technique and understanding the marking scheme
  • Opportunity to ask questions answered via chat during the live online classes
  • New courses will begin on the 26th of March and 2nd of April

Subject Breakdown

  1. Maths - Focusing on maximising potential for marks across both papers using exam questions and marking scheme analysis. 
  2. Irish - Taking an examiners perspective on where to focus your efforts ahead of both the orals and the exam in June. 
  3. English - An exam focussed breakdown of the English exam, with additonal focus on the essay and comparative areas. 

Who are the tutors?

  1. Maths - Nicola Toomey - Maths teacher in Dublin, 6 years experience, State Exam Experience (link to course

2. Irish - Danielle O'Connell - Irish teacher in Sligo, 5 years experience & State Exam Experience (link to course

3. English - Rebecca Ambrose - English teacher in Cork, 5 years experience & State Exam Experience (link to course


Pricing starts at €300 for one subject for the 12 week course. Up to 45% discount for multiple subject bookings. 

  • 20% off for one subject (limited availability) - €240
  • 35% off for two subjects (limited availability) - €390
  • 45% off for three subject pack (limited availability) - €495

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will classes be live? Yes. We will share times for each subject at point of booking. A recording of the class will also be shared afterwards each week.
  2. Can I ask a question to the teacher? Yes, a live chat Q&A will be available each week. 
  3. What will be covered? See the subject specific breakdown for the 3 subjects: Maths, Irish and English
  4. Who are the teachers? Our teachers are all qualified teachers registered with the teaching council or Ireland. They have been working with jumpAgrade students for up to 3 years in some cases! All have corrected for State Exam Commission, so understand what is expected in June.  
  5. When will it run? The first week will begin on the 11th of March and run each week until the end of of May. All classes will be recorded to aid revision closer to the exams and all material will be available to the students as the course progresses. 
  6. Can I join at a later date? Yes, we will also have aopportunities to join the course at a later date. Contact us on the details below for more info on this. 

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