Your bank charges Junio for loading money using a Credit Card and Prepaid Card.

We are passing on the charge as it is. Junio doesn't make any money through these charges. It's sent to your bank.

Loading money through UPI and Debit Card is free of cost. We recommend you use UPI and Debit card to load money into Junio card.

  1. UPI : No charges

  2. Debit card : No Charges

  3. Netbanking : No Charges

  4. Credit card : 2.18 %

  5. Pre Paid Card : 2.35%

Example - If you add Rs.100 to Junio card using a credit card then you will be charged Rs. 102.18 but if you load using Debit Card or UPI, you will be charged Rs.100 only

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