Juristat's data and application information can be exported from the web application in a number of different ways.

Table View

You can easily export a .csv file containing any information you select to view about your application set in Table View. Export (up to 4,000) applications using the export button located at the top of your search results.

Once you've clicked the Export button, you'll receive a notification that your .csv is being prepared. When your .csv is ready to download, you'll receive both an in-app notification and an email with a link to download your .csv. Note that the email link to your .csv will expire in 24 hours.

Juristat Tip: If you have more than 4,000 search results that you'd like to export, you can use the filing date filter to break your search results into segments of 4,000 applications or less. Once those segments have been exported, you can then combine them using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software to view the data as one spreadsheet.

 What's included in the Export? Any fields you've added to your Table View of your search results will be included in the exported .csv file. 

Additionally, some of our fields in Table view are only available by exporting to a .csv. These fields are indicated by a download icon next to them in the Edit Columns menu.

What's the benefit of exporting my results? Exporting your search results allows you to get additional details about the applications in your results and allows you to perform custom sorting and filtering using your own spreadsheet software.

For example, using your spreadsheet software, you can sort your results by number of RCEs filed or number of appeals to find out which applications had lengthy prosecution histories, or find out which applications have had the most forward citations.

Intelligence View

Our Intelligence view includes an "Export to CSV" option below the comparison table. Clicking it will save a .csv file to your downloads folder that contains all the key metrics for all firms or assignees in the table (not just those you're viewing on the first page), allowing you to perform your own custom analysis.

In addition, by clicking the scroll wheel in the upper right corner of any of the charts, you can download a .csv of the data displayed, or a .png image file of the chart itself:

If you have any questions about exporting other data from Juristat, please contact us.

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