In Juristat Drafting, you can enter as much claims text as you'd like for our classifier to analyze. However, you must enter a certain minimum amount to get meaningful results. (Drafting will provide an error if not enough text is entered.)

In general, the more the better, unless the claims are repeated. When claims are repeated and significant terms begin to be used more and more frequently, the classifier starts to treat them as unimportant.

Thus, if your application includes two or more sets of identical claims, enter only one unique set of claims.

Entering and Editing Claim Text in Drafting

Enter the desired claim text in the Claims Editor and click "Classify".

Our Drafting tool analyzes all the language used in your claim to see which Technology Centers and Classes it's likely to be assigned to.

Viewing Your Results

After you've entered your desired claim text, click "Classify" to see your technology center, art unit, and class predictions.

Need more information about Drafting? Check out our article on Getting Started with Drafting or our Drafting Primer.

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