Searching in Juristat  is as easy as typing some keywords and/or filtering your results to the applications that you're interested in.  

Keyword Searching

Using Platform's keyword searching allows you to quickly access information about specific sets of applications.

When performing a keyword search, you can search for an individual word or phrase, or use operators (also known as booleans or connectors) to get more specific. Supported operators include: 

  • Use AND between terms to signify an AND operation (a space between words is treated as an AND by default)

    • robotic car will search for applications containing the terms "robot" and "car".

  • Use OR between terms to signify an OR operation 

    • "distributed ledger" OR cryptocurrency will search for applications containing at least one of these terms

  • NOT or - adjacent to a word signifies a NOT operation (to exclude results containing a particular word or phrase)

    • robotic car -toy will search for applications that contain the terms "robot" and "car" and do not contain the word "toy".

  • " " indicates a phrase

    • "artificial intelligence" will search for applications containing the exact phrase "artificial intelligence".

  • * at the end of a term signifies a prefix query

    • robot* will search for applications where the root word "robot" appears. This will include both the words "robot" and "robotic".

  • ( and ) signify precedence

  • ~N is a proximity search

    • "computer program"~3 will search for applications where the word "computer" appears within three words of the word "program."

Scoped Searching

Juristat Platform gives you the unique ability to select a "scope" for your search, meaning that you can select particular documents associated with an application to search.

The default selection is "Full Text" which means your search results will include any application with your search terms anywhere in the text of the application or associated prosecution documents.

Additional search scopes allow you to search a particular application field such as Title, Abstract, Description, Claims, Rejections, or Appeals. "All Fields" will search all of these fields at once.

Finding Similar Applications

As seen above, you have several options when performing a text search.  The above section focused on searching by keywords, but Juristat Platform also allows for a more natural-language style of searching.

In order to find applications containing similar language to your search text, you must select to search in the "Claims", "Abstract", or "Description" fields and then select the "Similar To" search type.

Once you've selected where you want to search, you can enter any amount of text into the search bar and press return/enter to find applications with similar language.

Learn more about similarity searching...

Filtering Search Results

You can use the filters in Juristat (with or without performing a keyword or similar document search) to narrow down the applications you're viewing. Filter your search results by application status, filing date, disposition date, office action count, assignee, firm, art unit, tech center, USPC/CPC class, and more to drill down to the applications you really need.

Filters can also be a useful way to find out what firms and companies file the most in a specific art unit or class. Learn more about competitive intelligence research in Juristat.

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