Getting Started with Platform

Question: I've created my login to my organization's subscription - now what?

Answer: Once you've created an account, it only takes a few clicks to get started with Juristat Platform.  The first time you log in, you'll set your default view and you'll be ready to get started using Juristat's premium patent prosecution analytic tools.  

Question: How far back does your data go?

Answer: Juristat's application data available for searching is complete back to 2000.  You may see applications and granted patents from pre-2000; however, data pre-2000 is not necessarily comprehensive. 

As an additional note, Juristat patent application search tool and other reports use only contain data from published applications unless your organization has added Juristat's Private PAIR integration.

Question: How do I access tools like Examiner Reports and Business Intelligence?

Answer: All of our previous tools can be accessed by clicking on an examiner or firm/company name when you see it as a link (e.g. in table view or in the summary pane of the application view) or through the search bar:

Drafting is accessible through the left navigation bar:

Why Use Juristat? 

Question: How is Juristat used by law firms? 

Answer: Juristat is used by law firms to manage ongoing prosecutions at both a high and very granular level, research applications and granted patents, and measure performance. 

Here are five ways Juristat can help firms perform more efficiently.

For more in-depth information on how in-house teams use Platform, we have a webinar on that topic available here.

Question: How is Juristat used by in-house teams? 

Answer: Similar to firms, in-house teams are using Juristat to monitor outside counsel, pending applications, individual business units, and generate custom reports to quickly access application information. 

Here are five ways Juristat can help in-house teams. 

For more in-depth information on how in-house teams use Juristat, we have a webinar on that topic available here.

Upgrading to Platform

Question: My organization only has access to Examiner reports and/or legacy Business Intelligence reports.  Should we upgrade?

Answer:  Expanding access to the full version of Juristat can vastly expand your team's capabilities.  The full version of Juristat provides access to: 

  • Table View: create exportable tables of applications with over 125 different pieces of information available for each application. 

  • Intelligence View: run your own analytics on demand for any set of search results. 

  • Scoped Searching: specify what prosecution documents you want to search for your search terms. 

  • Three-Pane Application View: get more of the information you want about each application in whatever configuration you'd like. 

  • Premium Filters: access premium filter options such as office action and RCE counts.

  • Exporting: Export applications to a .csv file with over 130 different data points about each application.

What is the price to upgrade to the full version of Juristat? 

Pricing is available after a quick consultation with our sales team. Contact us for more information.

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