Juristat Platform offers a unique three-pane view to let you access the application information you need from right within Juristat.


Clicking on any application from either the card or table view within Platform will take you to the application view. 

Each of the three panes displays different information about your selected application.  By default, you'll see the "Summary" pane as well as the panes showing the application's subscription and claims.

The Summary pane shows background information (such as the inventor, status, publication number, etc.) about your application. 

From this view, you can also view or download the drawings and well as the drawings and links to the application's examiner's report, the assignee/firm business intelligence reports, and class/art unit reports.

The Claims pane displays the more recent of the claims at publication or the claims at the time an application is granted.  (In order to see any amendments in between, you can use the link to the application on Public PAIR, available at the top of the Summary pane).

Customizable Three-Pane View

If your organization subscribes to Platform's premium features, you'll be able to customize your view to select the information you'd like to see in each of the three panes. 

Using the drop down menu at the top of each pane, you can select the information you'd like to see in each pane.

Access to the premium version of Juristat Platform allows you to view a full file history for your application or just view a quick timeline of significant office actions and responses. 

From the file history view, you can export a full file history or search for specific documents. 

Juristat Tip: For quick access to your application on public PAIR, you can click the "Public PAIR" link on the summary pane.

Public vs. Private Applications

If your organization subscribes to Juristat's private PAIR integration, you can also view unpublished applications through the application view. 

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