Juristat's web application displays individual and aggregate information about publicly available patents and patent applications; however, some clients can opt for private PAIR integration, which allows them to additionally see their unpublished applications within Juristat.  This article will show you how to navigate between public and private datasets and what that means for the application information you're using. 


When you log in to Juristat you are by default viewing Juristat's public dataset.  This dataset includes all publicly available pending and disposed patent applications.
If your organization has opted to integrate its private PAIR data with Juristat, you'll have a toggle in left navigation bar which will allow you to access your organization's public and private application data.

When that toggle is highlighted, it means you're viewing your organization's private instance of Juristat.  In this view, you'll be able to see all of your organization's applications (both published and unpublished) associated with customer numbers that are accessible through Juristat's private PAIR sponsorship. 

While in your organization's private dataset, you'll only be able to view your organization's applications (i.e. you will not be able to search for and view applications or reports relating to another firm or company). 

To return to the public dataset where you can view applications belonging to other firms and companies, simply click the toggle again.


When Should I Use the Private vs. Public Dataset?

Different types of research or activities within Juristat lend themselves better to one dataset versus the other.  As a general rule, if you are performing research on your organization's performance as compared to USPTO averages or other competitors, you'll want to stick with the public dataset.  However, if you have access to a private dataset and you want to view just your organization's applications or information, clicking the private PAIR toggle will likely be the way to go. 

For example, use the public dataset when you are...

  • performing research on a particular art unit, examiner, tech center, class, etc.,

  • keyword searching applications for particular terms, 

  • comparing your organization's metrics vs. a competitor or USPTO average.

Use the private dataset (if available) when you are...

  • monitoring your (or your organization's) pending applications, 

  • looking for image file wrapper documents for your organization's applications, 

  • researching individual attorney metrics.


Need to Set Up Private PAIR Integration? 

If you're interested in setting up private PAIR integration with Juristat, please contact us.

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