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Connecting Slack & Juro
Connecting Slack & Juro

Get Slack notifications for comments and signatures set up in a matter of seconds.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

Slack is a platform for team communication, and we've teamed up with them to help you stay on top of your contract workflow from that platform. As part of this, you can now be notified in Slack of:

  • external comments on your contracts

  • counterparty signatures on your contracts.

With these notifications, you'll be able to keep control of contracts and share those moments with your teammates when your contracts are completed.

Follow the steps below to get the integration set up πŸ‘‡

Step 1️⃣ Configuring things on the Slack side πŸŽ‡

To set up the Slack integration:

  1. Log in to Slack as an Administrator

  2. Go to the Incoming WebHooks page here

  3. Select the Slack channel that you want to send Juro notifications to

  4. Click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration

  5. Click Customize Icon to add the Juro logo, which is available here

  6. Give our bot a name in Customize Name - we call it Jurobot πŸ˜‰

  7. Copy the Webhook URL to your clipboard

Now it's time to set things up on the Juro side!

Step 2️⃣ Configuring things on the Juro side πŸš€

In Juro:

  1. Go to Settings, and then Integrations*

    πŸ’‘ NOTE: Only Organisation Admins can see the Integrations tab within Settings. If you cannot see it, please ask your internal Organisation Admin to upgrade your access level. For more information on managing a user's access level, see our dedicated article.

  2. Click the Slack icon

  3. Paste the Webhook URL you copied earlier into the WEBHOOK URL field

  4. Click Connect.

And that's everything! You're all set up and will be notified of new comments and signatures in your Slack channel.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ As always, our Support Team is happy to help you with anything further if needed. Start a chat with us right here by clicking the Intercom button in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email your query to πŸš€

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