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Connecting Google Drive & Juro
Connecting Google Drive & Juro

Learn how to export your Juro documents to, and import them from, Google Drive.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

Google Drive is a platform for cloud storage and helps teams manage their documents in one place.

With Juro's Google Drive integration, you can import and export documents into your Juro workspace directly from your Google Drive folders.

Connecting Google Drive to your Juro workspace ⛓️

πŸ’‘ NOTE: Only Organisation Admins can see the Integrations tab within Settings. If you cannot see it, please ask your internal Organisation Admin to upgrade your access level. For more information on managing a user's access level, see our dedicated article.

To turn on the integration:

  1. In your Settings, open the Integrations tab. Then click the Google Drive icon.

2. Click Connect.

3. Allow Juro to see, edit, create, and delete your Google Drive files.

4. Finally, choose which folders you'd like to sync for this integration.

Exporting documents to Google Drive ➑️

With this integration, you can automatically export agreements that reach the Fully Signed stage within Juro to a folder of your choice (personal or shared) in Google Drive.

This applies to documents that are fully signed after the Google Drive integration has been set up. Once the integration has been set up following the steps above, no further action needs to be taken to export these documents.

Importing documents from Google Drive ⬅️

The Import feature uploads existing and incoming documents from a Google Drive folder into your Juro workspace.

πŸ’‘ NOTE: For Exports, you can only select a master folder, but for Imports you can select subfolders.

If you would like to set up imports and exports successfully, you should use two master folders to do this.

Your Google Drive integration on Juro is now set up! Depending on your sync choices, Juro will automatically upload all Fully Signed contracts to the selected folder, and/or will import documents from your Google Drive.

πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ As always, our Support Team is happy to help you with anything further if needed. Start a chat with us right here by clicking the Intercom button in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email your query to πŸš€

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