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Find out more about making changes to your contracts if you've already sent it out for signing.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

If, after sending a contract out for signature, you've noticed an amendment that needs to be made or an error in the text, you can use Juro's Unsign & Edit function to recall the document and notify the parties that further updates are required.

πŸ’‘ NOTE: If a document has been signed by all parties, it's not possible to use the Unsign & Edit function.

Using Unsign & Edit βͺ

A contract can be edited at any time before it has been signed by either of the parties.

Once a party has signed, their signature will need to be revoked for any further edits to be made. To do this:

1. Click the Document members icon to open the SIGNATORIES tab

2. Next to the SIGNATORIES heading, click Can Sign + and select Unsign & edit from the dropdown menu.

3. A notification will appear to let you know that you're about to remove a signature. You can add a message for the counterparty to let them know this is happening.

To remove the signatory, click the Unsign & Edit button.

All done! You'll now be prompted to also lock the document, to prevent any further changes being made to the contract until you resend it for signature.

Where a contract has approvers assigned, and the changes have been made after the contract has been approved, the contract will need to be re-sent for approval.

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