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Keep track of changes made to documents, and view previous versions with just a few clicks

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

Juro's Timeline feature tracks changes made to a template or contract, allowing you to access previous versions of your documents with ease.

πŸ’‘ NOTE: Previous versions of documents cannot be restored from within the timeline.

Opening the timeline πŸ•›

To access the timeline in either your template or contract:

1. Click on the Timeline icon in your document's Actions Bar: depending on your screen size, you may need to click the 3 dots to reveal this (see below image).

2. This will open the Timeline. From here, you can toggle between

  • the Versions menu: this shows the individual versions created during the contract's lifespan, and;

  • the Activities menu: this is a record of all actions for each version

The Versions menu 🌈

You can access the previous document versions from within this tab by hovering your mouse pointer over the relevant version and clicking View version.

You'll be redirected to the selected version: changes are denoted by blue lines and additions will be highlighted in blue.

The Activities menu ➿

The Activities section of each version shows the type of actions that have occurred during the document's lifecycle.
By hovering your mouse pointer over the icon for the action, you can also see who made the change, including a timestamp for when the action was made.

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