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I've been asked to sign something in Juro. What is Juro?
I've been asked to sign something in Juro. What is Juro?

What is Juro, and what should I do when someone sends a contract to me through it?

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Introduction 👋

Juro is an all-in-one contract management platform that enables teams to create, agree and manage contracts in one workspace.

Juro makes contracting flexible, collaborative and accessible to everyone by safely automating routine contract admin, streamlining collaboration, and providing instant visibility into contracts and their data.

If your client, colleague or employer uses Juro, they may send you documents to review and sign through the platform. Using Juro is straightforward and secure, and you won't need to create an account. You can follow the simple steps below to sign a contract you've received.

Receiving a signing request ✍️

If you've received a signing request email like the one in the below image, you can click Review and Sign to access the contract securely.

Alternatively, you may receive a link from the sender, which will bring you straight to the contract when clicked through.

Accessing the document 🚪

Whichever route you use to access the contract, you'll be asked to enter your full name for security purposes.

You may also be asked to provide other data requested by the sender (see below): usually, the information they don't have direct access to and need you to provide, e.g. a registered company address. This will appear as a Q&A Flow, as it's known in Juro.

This process simplifies the populating of data in the contract, leaving less low-value admin work for both parties.

Reviewing the document 👀

Next, you'll be brought to the document within Juro, where you can review the text, leave comments and suggested edits for the sender (more on this in our Negotiation Flow Article), and, when you're happy, add your signature.

You can do this by clicking on the signature block underneath your name.

Privacy 🧐

If you're interested you can read our full privacy policy here. However, to save you time here are the sections explaining how we handle your data if you're an unregistered user:

What about if I’m just signing a contract through Juro?

If you're on the other side of a contract processed through Juro but are not a registered user, we act as the ‘data processor’ of the Juro customer who has sent you the contract. This means we only process your data to help us provide our service to our customer, in accordance with our customer’s instructions, or as required by law. Our customer is responsible for making sure that your personal data is treated in accordance with applicable data protection laws. That includes informing you how service providers (like us) collect and use data on their behalf.

If you're negotiating a contract through Juro, you should check the privacy policy of the Juro customer who sent you the contract.

You're all done! 🚀

You'll receive an email to notify you of when all parties have signed the document. This will have a PDF attachment of the completed document for your records.

If you enjoyed your experience using Juro, you can book a personalized demo of the platform to see how it would benefit your business. Juro is fast to implement and easy to maintain - so you can focus on business growth, instead of admin and paperwork.

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