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Juro email notifications and deliverability
Juro email notifications and deliverability

Learn more about the instances that trigger email notifications from Juro, and find out how to troubleshoot deliverability issues.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

If you, another user in your Juro workspace, or an external party hasn't received an email notification for a document, there may be several reasons for this. This article outlines:

  • the actions in Juro that trigger an email notification;

  • how to resolve email deliverability issues for internal Juro users, and;

  • how to resolve these issues for external users.

Instances when a user will receive an email notification ⏰

Not all actions in Juro trigger an email notification so not all users will automatically receive one. You can ensure that a user receives an email notification when a document is 'Fully Signed' by adding them as a recipient to your template or contract.

Our email notifications are sent out every 10 minutes. If the contract owner or a user tagged in an internal comment accesses the contract within ten minutes of a notification being triggered (such as when a user is tagged in a comment, for example), the software will consider them to have 'seen' the instance and so will not send a notification email.

As a first step and using the table below, you should confirm whether the action you're querying is meant to trigger an email notification from Juro.

πŸ’¬ Comments & Negotiations 🀝


Email notifications sent to

Internal comments left by any user with access to the Juro workspace, including internal signatories

Juro contract owner

Internal signatories

External comments and suggestions

Juro contract owner
​Internal signatories

Internal tagging of another Juro user (example:

Juro contract owner

Tagged user

Counterparty sends back contract during the Negotiation flow

Juro contract owner

External comments using the Draft Link

Juro contract owner
​Slack notification sent (if the Slack integration has been enabled)

Approvals πŸ‘€


Email notifications sent to

Send for approval


Contract approved (or Rejected)

Juro contract owner

Resend for approval


Approved (including by multiple Approvers)

Juro contract owner

Signing requests ✍️


Email notifications sent to

Prepare signing request


Resend for signing button


Resend request link


Counterparty signs first

Juro contract owner

Internal signatory

Internal signatory signs first


Internal signatory signs last / contract is β€œFully Signed”


Contract owner not emailed

External signatory signs last / contract is β€œFully Signed”


Contract owner not emailed

Enabling notifications for document creators πŸ‘‘

If you're the creator of a document, you can set up custom notifications for the following instances:

  • when a document is sent for signing

  • when a signature is added to a document by any party

  • when the document is fully signed

These notifications are not enabled by default but are very easy to set up. To do this:

1. Go to your Settings.

2. Go to Notifications and toggle on the notifications for your relevant instances.

Resolving email deliverability issues for internal Juro users 🏠

Once it has been confirmed that the action in question triggers an email notification and that this has still not been received, there are several ways to troubleshoot:

1️⃣ Ensure the user has completed the registration process during sign-up πŸ’»

If a user hasn't completed the full registration process when they initially sign up to Juro, their user functionality may be impacted; including receiving email notifications.

To check this, an Admin user can:

1. In your Settings to the Members section of Members & Groups

2. Type the user's email into the search bar: if the details appear as an email address rather than their full name, this usually indicates that the user hasn't completed the full registration process.

If this is confirmed by the user, hover over the user's email and click X to delete them from the platform.

The user will then need to be re-added to Juro and complete the full registration process.
If they've already completed this process and are still not receiving email notifications, Step 2 below may help.

2️⃣ Do an advanced search of the user's email inbox πŸ“

If the user is fully registered and still not receiving email notifications from Juro, we'd recommend that they:

  • check their email Spam folder and other secondary folders to check if the email has gone there, or;

  • use their email search function to locate the email.

To do this:

  1. Copy the Document Name of the Juro contract

  2. Paste this into the general search bar of your inbox (this would usually be at the top of the interface)

  3. Press Enter to search for the email.

3️⃣ Check that the user is subscribed to Juro emails βœ‰οΈ

The intended email recipient may have, at some point, unsubscribed from receiving Juro emails. To resubscribe, they will need to:

  1. Go into any email previously received from Juro (there may be one of these in the user's Bin or Spam folder)

  2. At the bottom of the email, click unsubscribe

  3. In the new tab that opens, click view opt-out preferences

  4. Toggle No for all email types that they'd like to receive (this may seem confusing, but this page is asking what emails you'd like to opt out of, so selecting yes will disable notifications for the selected category).

  5. Click Save preferences.

The user should now retry the action in Juro to see if emails are being delivered.

4️⃣ Confirm that the recipient's email filters are not blocking Juro emails πŸš₯

Email deliverability issues at this stage may be caused by specific filtering parameters of a user's inbox.

To resolve this, all Juro domains ( will need to be explicitly whitelisted in a user's inbox settings.

Resolving email deliverability issues for external Juro users πŸ”•

If an external user (i.e. one without a Juro account) has not received an email notification in line with the instances in the table above, this may be related to:

  • issues with the external user's inbox, or;

  • issues with their server

The steps below will help to ensure that email notifications are delivered to an external user where relevant:

Inbox issues πŸ“₯

If an external user is not receiving email notifications from Juro, then we'd recommend that they check their spam folder, or search for the file itself using their email's general search function. To do this, they will need to:

  1. Ask the sender for the name of the document in Juro

  2. Paste the document name into the general email inbox search engine (this would usually be at the top of the inbox interface)

  3. Press enter to search for the email.

Server issues πŸ€–

If the action in question should trigger an email notification that has not been received, then the intended recipient should also check that the Juro domain name has been whitelisted on their server.

Their IT team or service provider should be able to advise on this.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ As always, our Support Team is happy to help you with anything further if needed. Start a chat with us right here by clicking the Intercom button in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email your query to πŸš€

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