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Connecting Pipedrive and Juro
Connecting Pipedrive and Juro

Save your Sales & Ops teams time by integrating your Pipedrive environment with Juro.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

Connecting Pipedrive with Juro will help your Sales and Operations teams to save time by automatically populating commercial information directly into Juro documents from Pipedrive.

Documents can be automatically generated based on deal stage.

Setting up the connection ⛓️

Note: You need to be a Juro Org Admin and have an account with standard rights or admin rights in Pipedrive in order to setup this integration.

To connect Juro with Pipedrive:

  1. In Juro, go to Settings and then Integrations

  2. Click on the Pipedrive panel: if this says Get in touch, please reach out to the Juro Support Team by clicking the Intercom icon in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page, as we may need to enable Pipedrive for your Juro environment.

  3. Once Pipedrive has been enabled, click connect and enter your Pipedrive API key.
    To find your personal API key in Pipedrive, go to Personal preferences and then API. Simply Copy the token from Pipedrive and paste it into the field in Juro.

Mapping templates to stages & fields to Pipedrive properties πŸ—ΊοΈ

All fields can be mapped to Deal, Company and Contact fields within the Juro UI by navigating to Settings β†’ Integrations β†’ Pipedrive β†’ Edit mapping.

Once here:

  1. Select the document template you would like to map

  2. Select the pipeline and stage you want to map this template to

  3. For each template smartfield, select the Pipedrive property you would like to map the data to.

Creating a document from Pipedrive 🌐

Once you move a deal to a stage in the pipeline that has a template mapped to it, Juro will automatically generate the contract from the template using the properties you mapped to the smartfields. Once the contract has been generated a note will be left in the deal that also links to the contract in Juro.

Juro will automatically post notes about the status of your deal once it changes. This will happen when..

  • The contract is send out for signatures

  • Someone signs the contract

  • The contract is fully signed

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ As always, our Support Team is happy to help you with anything further if needed. Start a chat with us right here by clicking the Intercom button in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email your query to πŸš€

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