This article specifies how Just Email can handle your revisions:

At Just Email we wholeheartedly strive to ensure our clients are happy and completely satisfied with the work we produce for them. As with the nature of design and business we understand that there will be instances where revisions are needed. In the article below we outline our revision terms:

Design Revisions:

Rest assured all design work such as: template designs, pop-up designs, holiday emails etc, come with up to two free revisions. This may include changes such as amendments to the copywriting, font size changes, background colour changes etc. Revisions must be requested upon delivery of the project for client approval. Revisions requested at a later date ie. after approval, may incur further costs, likely classified as our Email Optomization service. On this note: we will always seek to please therefore if additional changes are needed, they will be priced fairly based on the amount of work involved and the circumstances from which they arose.

All we ask of you is for the changes to be very specific in detailing, if possible an example of what you would like done will help us deliver exactly what you desire.

Automation / Flow Revisions:

All Automation Flows are constructed to meet industry best practice and to match our clients need. Revisions to automations can be requested upon delivery of the completed project for approval. Any revisions requested post being approved by the client, will be priced accordingly to the amount of work involved.

In Summary:

Your happiness is ours - we’ll always do our best to delivery you world class work with impeccable customer service and flexibility.

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