It’s a store’s dream to outsource all your email sends, whether it's promotional emails, newsletters or just some big news - we hear you! : )

Our subscription package revolves around reoccurring monthly emails; of either two or three (or more!) emails per month. Ie. You tell us what you want to say / send and we'll do all the legwork for you. From designs to copywriting to generating your discount codes - we've got your back.

Content Submission

All content for the emails must be delivered to Just Email two weeks before the desired send date. This way we’ll have time to prepare the best email possible for you. But don’t sweat it. We can work quick - we just prefer as much lead time as possible - more preparation time, better the outcome. If for any reason you cannot supply the data within this time range, just give our team a heads up and we’ll do our best to help get it sent on time.

Do I have to write these emails?

Not at all, that’s the job of our copywriters - all you need to do is supply us with an overview of what you want said and any necessary information our writers need to know. Then our team will construct the necessary copy passages in the tone-of-voice of your brand.


You can cancel your subscription at anytime and you will be refunded a percentage of what is still owed on your purchased plan. For example if you purchase 3 emails p/month and only send 2, you will be refunded the remaining third of your payment.

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