The Works is our premium package where your store gets world-class professional grade emails + automations and everything needed to be best-in-class email marketing wise. Everything!

The Works package includes:

- Migration Of Your Current Email Platform.

Moving e-home? We’ll migrate your email accounts between the email service providers of your choice. This way you can get the tech you need and the price you want all with ease.

Our favorites are Klaviyo, Omnisend, SmartrMail, Hubspot, Infusionsoft and Privy - don’t see your desire here? All is good, we can still help just reach out to us via email:

- Email Subscription Pop Up and Form Creation

One of the most valuable elements of your e-commerce store should be treated this way. We’ll professionally design an email subscription pop-up, or form, to fluently match your website’s design. Look great, know your visual language speaks to your customers appropriately.

- Email Template Design

With The Works package you get a custom designed template produced by our world class designers. They’ll design and code everything from scratch to match your brand’s look and feel. Look good, feel good, sell more. You won’t be disappointed.

- Segmented List Set up

If you would like to sort your subscribers into different categories so you can target certain portions with your sends, without flooding the inboxes of clientele you don’t believe will be interested. This is for you. We’ll sort your lists based on your desire.

The Email Automation Flows include:

- Welcome Flow

Welcome your new subscribers personally and in style. Inspire their loyalty. First impressions count.

Welcome emails are a must. This sequence automatically sends a hello email to your brand new subscribers. You can include your latest offerings or even a small discount to get your new friends rolling.

Make the perfect first impression and win more customers.

- Abandoned Cart Flow

Don’t miss out on near sales. Convert those who abandoned their cart into customers.

When customers leave items in their cart, send follow up emails containing links to their abandoned products and even a special offer or two to convince customers to return to their shopping cart and complete their purchase.

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way.

- Post-Purchase Flow

Say thank you, retain clientele and delight your customers with a post purchase automation series.

Mark your new relationship with some love. Say thanks for the purchase, provide information, value and peace of mind for your customer. A simple thank you goes a long way. 

Follow that up with a request for the customer to follow your business on social media or even ask for a Google or Facebook review.

A post-purchase flow includes:

1: Thank You Email

2: Request a Review Email

If you're using a custom review app please let us know in the checkout notes.

- Winback Flow

Reunite and win back your old customers! Don't let your lapsed and disengaged customers slip.

Add a flow of up to 3 winback emails to your email strategy.

Winback emails will send to customers who've purchased previously, but haven't made a purchase for at least 3-6 months. Best practice is to introduce these customers to your newly arrived products and offer a small discount.

Entice, re-up and recapture.

- Birthday Flow

Wish your customers a happy birthday, build rapport and spoil them with love and exclusive offers.

Happy Birthday emails are an extremely effective way of dishing appreciation. Offer your customers birthday discounts and privileged opportunities to celebrate their special day.

Add a flow of up to 3 happy birthday emails to your email marketing strategy.

A birthday flow will include:

1. Happy Birthday Email

2. Pre-Birthday Reminder

3. Post Birthday Discount Coupon Reminder

- Browse Abandonment Flow

Avoid lost conversions. Re-engage window shoppers. And recover missed sales.

Remind customers who browse items and leave without purchasing what they’re missing out on. Send follow up emails containing links to their browsed products and even a special offer or two to reignite desire and entice them to return and check out.

Encourage, invigorate and win.

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