We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and we offer a 30-day refund period for new purchases. In the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, within 30 days of enrollment, contact our support team at support@justcoach.io and let us know you’d like a refund by the 30th day at 11:59 GMT. NOTE: 

Once outside of the new members 30-day money-back guarantee,  we do not issue refunds under any circumstances. All refunds are discretionary as determined by justcoach.

To further clarify, we will not provide refunds after the 30th day from your date of purchase and all payments must be made on a timely basis.

The 30 day refund period only applies to your first subscription/purchase and cannot be used more than once.

If you receive a refund of any purchase through this money-back guarantee, that shall immediately terminate any and all licenses granted you to use the material provided to you under these Terms of Use or any other agreement. You shall immediately cease using the material and shall destroy all copies of the information provided to you, including without limitation: video recordings, audio recordings, forms, template documents, slide shows, membership areas, social media groups limited to paying members, and other resources.

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